Rumpleskilton Events - I cancelled an order, they sent it anyway

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This is undoubtedly the most pathetic, disgusting, unprofessional company I've ever had the massive misfortune of dealing with.I ordered thousands of dollars in P.A.

gear Oct 12, on Oct 13th they took my money (this is the first company I've ever dealt with that takes your money, before anything is shipped). On Oct 14th they told me that the equipment was NOT in stock and they had no idea when it would be in stock. I cancelled my order immediately per their instructions (I have documented proof of this), and ordered the gear from a much more professional retailer (Sweetwater). DJDEALS did not give me my money back.

Instead, they waited 2.5 months and sent the equipment to my door without my knowledge. DJDEALS did NOT send me an email stating the shipment was on route and I had ordered the exact same items from Sweetwater. When the shipment arrived at my door, I thought it was Sweetwater, turns out it was DJDEALS (and I cancelled this order). Not one single label, sticker, note, nothing on the packages indicating it came from DJDEALS.

I signed for them, only to find out it was the shipment I cancelled. They made me pay to have them returned at $1,081.32 out of my pocket. I'm currently fitting this in court. This company is run by very shady people, be very, very aware if you're purchasing anything from them.

And lastly, they do NOT have a phone number, you cannot talk to a single person there.I cannot express how disgusting this company is, they need to be exposed and shut down.

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